Norfolk, Virginia is home to the world’s largest naval base with about 100,000 military families in the area. And guess what? About 30% of the military spouses are unemployed.


We are military spouses stationed in Norfolk, VA. We’re the behind-the-scenes support crew for our country’s service members. And it’s tough.

Being a military spouse means you move where and when you’re ordered to. You have to uproot your children, quit your job or abandon your career, and leave your family & friends behind.

When your spouse is deployed, you’re alone with all the responsibilities of caring for your house and kids. And depending on your spouse’s mission, you might only hear from them by email every so often.

It’s lonely, stressful, and boring. But we do it because we love our spouse and we love our country.

That’s why at geedunk, we could outsource our production to a manufacturer but we’ve decided to keep it local. Our mission is to employ and support military spouses through their unique lifestyle. How? Good pay, flexible scheduling, supportive teammates, and a social culture. As we grow, we’ll work to have more perks so stay tuned.


About the Founder

Lyon McCandless (University of Virginia, McIntire) founded geedunk in 2017 after she and her military husband were stationed in Norfolk, VA. She had recently returned from Southeast Asia where she tried insects and loved them. She decided to start geedunk for her love of food, love of the environment, and need of a job.